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Monkey & Squirrel - Charlotte NC Photographer

Monkey & Squirrel - Charlotte NC Photographer: December 2011

Monkey & Squirrel - Charlotte NC Photographer

I'm Jenn, a stay at home/work at home mama to Penny, wife to Evan, and daughter, sister, and friend to a lot more. I absolutely love capturing beautiful every day moments from behind my lens, and I'm doing my best to do just that!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

weekly bean update

ok little lady... you can officially come any time now :)

boy oh boy has this week got me exhausted! with all the christmas activities, evan's family all being in town, and trying to prepare for penny's arrival, i am absolutely wiped out! i'm taking today to lounge around, drink lots of water (gotta get these swollen feet in check), and nap whenever i see fit. i'm enjoying these last days of "somewhat tired", before the days of "oh my god, we have a newborn, i'm so tired i can't think straight" set in. and now that i think about it, i do believe a little nap is calling my name right now!


Friday, December 23, 2011


there has been some serious silence over here on the ol' blog, and for that i apologize! thing are getting to the home stretch of this pregnancy and i've been taking it easy these past few days. i was actually told that my blood pressure was a bit high at my last check up, so i was given orders to drink water like a camel and kick up my feet whenever possible. so that i did, and at my check up yesterday all was back to normal... thank goodness!

so here are some peeks at what i've been up to in between the water, the resting, and the rewatching of lost from the very first episode...

*a wee bit of decorating for christmas*

*sipping warm beverages from my new santa mug*

*eating delicious noms*

*a little trip with the mr to a local general store*

*baking sweet vegan treats for a christmas gathering*

*lunch with friends and their adorable kids*

*snuggling pups... lots of snuggling to be exact*

*realizing that this is our last christmas with just two stockings. next year we'll have a wee one to share it with*

i can't believe that today is christmas eve eve. i've never had a christmas away from my fam in NY, so it's feeling pretty odd not being with them this year. it just doesn't feel like christmas. thankfully evans family is here, and more are coming into town, so we'll be spending the next few days getting some quality time with them... and waiting for penny's arrival of course!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

weekly bean update

it's a two for the price of one kinda week!

we've got ourselves a full term baby over here. little miss penelope june, you can come anytime you'd like now :)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

dwell for the kiddos...

i'm so in love with all of the toys for babes over at dwell. i can't tell you how badly i want that animal shape sorter for penny! oh yes... one day it will be mine!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

kitty safe plants

kinda in love with this hanging plant idea. with 2 cats, and 2 dogs, we have zero plants in our home because they've gotten destroyed any time we've tried. this looks like the perfecto solution for us!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

weekly bean update

check that belly... booya!

and because i found it impossible to find a 5lb honeydew melon in the midst of winter for my current fruit baby, this is what you get...

and for weeks 33-36 according to the bump...


HOW FAR ALONG- 35 weeks 6 days. 9th month, i've got you in my sights!

SIZE OF BABY- 18in and 5.25lb                                

MATERNITY CLOTHES?- yup, in these photos both the shirt and pants are for preggos!

STRETCH MARKS?- not yet!

SLEEP?- i now wake up about every hour to pee... so that's fun. i'm just thinking of it as practice for when i'm getting no sleep at all very soon.

FEELING ANY MOVEMENTS?- yes, penny still enjoys doing her karate in my uterus. 

ANY CRAVINGS?- french dressing. weird, i know. i've been choosing my lunches based around the fact that i would love to put french dressing on it. 



BELLY BUTTON. IN OR OUT?- still holding on and staying in!

STILL WEARING RINGS?- nope. looks like swollen fingers are here to stay.

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK-  getting through the last big event that i wanted to still have energy for, the big crafty last weekend. from here on out i can do as much as i'd like, but also take it easy when i need to.

WORST MOMENT OF THE WEEK- braxton hicks have started, and they seem to only come at night. yet another thing to keep me from getting a good nights rest. sometimes i actually have to get out of bed and move around until they pass. just a little reminder that we really are so very close to meeting our little lady. they're really not that bad over all though, and i'm sure they are NOTHING compared to the joy of real contractions. i'll take these while i can!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the big crafty holiday edition

this past sunday evan and i toted all of my handmade goodies over to asheville, nc for the big crafty holiday show. i was so super stoked to be a part of it this year. i've done the summer one a few times, but this was the first year i was accepted to the holiday one, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait!

at 35 weeks pregnant i was a bit apprehensive as to how i would hold up at such a busy craft show, but penny cooperated perfectly and the day went smooth as can be. i took all of your basic preggo precautions, drink lots of water, sit and relax at any down points, and be sure to snack on all the vegan nibbles that were being offered up there. no joke on that last one. we started by having breakfast at the green sage cafe which has my most favorite breakfast burrito on the planet. with a green monster smoothie on the side, it was quite a way to start the day! we then moved on to snacking on goodies from the firestorm cafe. they were actually at the show and were walking around to each vendor with trays of snacks to choose from. so smart... and certainly appreciated guys! we got a brownie and a blueberry muffin and each made for a happy baby belly! as if that wasn't enough, we then celebrated a successful day with some chocolate shakes from the hop. we were happy campers...

the only bummer on the day for me was that i didn't get to walk around the entire venue to see all the vendors. what i did get to see was amazing, and it's probably best that i didn't get to browse. it would have been so very easy to spend all of the days profits in no time. aside from that though, it was a perfect day full of crafty goodness, great nibbles, and fabulous people. i've said it before, and i'll say it again, i love you big crafty!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011


i just found out today that one of my little retro embroidered wall decor pieces was in an etsy gift guide on tuesday! that's me... right under the "holla" :)

kinda feeling the love this week. you can also spot some of my goodies HERE and HERE. happy holidays indeed!