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ch ch ch changes...

Monkey & Squirrel - Charlotte NC Photographer: ch ch ch changes...

Monkey & Squirrel - Charlotte NC Photographer

I'm Jenn, a stay at home/work at home mama to Penny, wife to Evan, and daughter, sister, and friend to a lot more. I absolutely love capturing beautiful every day moments from behind my lens, and I'm doing my best to do just that!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

ch ch ch changes...

this is something i've been thinking about for quite some time now, and folks who have followed along with Monkey & Squirrel since its early days may have even seen this change coming. it's in regards to my etsy shop, and some changes that are in the works. i'll start at the beginning...

when i first began Monkey & Squirrel back in 2009, i had an idea to refinish these cast iron pieces that i had been seeing around some salvage/antique spots. i did my homework and researched etsy to make sure that no other sellers were doing just that. i found none, so i set up shop, and my etsy journey began. fairly quickly i started doing rather well, there was a market for it, and i was the only one doing it. that's all it takes! well anyone who is at all familiar with etsy, or the handmade market in general, knows that once people see something doing well they tend to copy it. my market quickly became saturated. i put so much work into the photographing, description writing, and designing of my items, and folks were just coming along and stealing it... literally. i even revamped my entire shop to put a new modern spin on my items, with color blocking and gold leaf, and shortly after i saw other shops doing that too. like same exact color choices, and selling it for a few dollars less just to steal the sale.

it been a really frustrating process, and my heart is no longer in it. it's a battle i've fought, and can't seem to win. so i'm bowing out. i'm saying adios to the cast iron (with the possible exception of a few special pieces), and focusing solely on embroidery. you'll see many new and custom designs coming in the next few weeks, and i'm really excited to feel inspired again.

perhaps another new little something you may have noticed is the focus on photography going on 'round these parts. i've found another love, and it's in capturing all the beautiful moments of this crazy life. i've been lucky enough to have some opportunities to do some great shoots lately and it's definitely another facet that i'm excited to add to the Monkey & Squirrel line up.

and now the good news. to help me clear out the cast iron in my shop i'm offering up a 25% off coupon code to be used on any of the iron items that are left. just use the code FRESHSTART at checkout to receive 25% off. it's my little gift to all those that have been by me this whole journey, and for the new faces that will be along for the next step. thank you!



Blogger Dawn said...

AWE - I'm so sorry to hear about how the cast iron story has played out for you! I can imagine your frustration! I have seen only one copy of a layout of my items be copied and seen a shop do so much better at selling them. This is on a much smaller scale though that what you have experienced. :( I'm glad to hear you are inspired once again though and that you continue to be creative! :) thank you for sharing a coupon code too! :) wonderful things are in store for you and your store ;) Because you miss, are persevering. It's inspiring. :) Best, Dawn

May 3, 2013 at 11:15 PM  
Blogger monkeyandsquirrel said...

oh dawn, thank you for such kind words! it can be tough to not get down by it all, but moving onward and upward is proving to be pretty rewarding. the copycats will always remain just that, here's to being originals, right!

May 4, 2013 at 4:56 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Amen sister ;)

May 5, 2013 at 2:08 PM  
Blogger Lydia Krupinski said...

Awe - I totally feel for you Jenn! I haven't had flat out copy cats (haven't been looking either though) but have had several of my blog tutorials stolen and, in some cases, actually sold as digital files.

But it's great that you're at a point where you feel you can focus on the embroidery and photos instead! More power to you for moving in a new direction. It takes courage to take those kinds of steps!

Sending lots of love from the Downs den in Chi-town. <3

May 30, 2013 at 11:18 PM  

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